Minor League Mom: What the critics are saying

From Jack Galvin

Sports Writer and Co-author of Within Reach: My Everest Story


Baseball Moms: Read Minor League Mom! (Dads, too). Learn how a mother supports the baseball dreams of two sons through seven sweltering summers of baseball and bus rides. Pam Carey explores the impact on her of their hitting streaks and slumps as she chronicles the intricacies of their baseball lives. In her engaging writing, baseball life comes alive from a truly unique perspective in sports writing.



From Paul F. Eno

Author and CBS Radio/WOON 1240 Talk Show Host


Any parent or player will relate to this edge-of-the-seat story of people getting closer to their dreams than most people ever do!



From Boston Baseball Magazine, May 2009

Michael Rutstein, Publisher


OK, so I’ve read a lot of baseball books. That makes it all the more special when I read one that’s a little different than anything I’ve read before. Minor League Mom, by the mother of former Red Sox farmhands Tim and Todd Carey, is one of those books.... Minor League Mom is a valuable source on the workings of minor league baseball, and on the Red Sox’ farm system during the moribund Yawkey Trust years. And if, like me, those were years when you were struggling desperately to get a grip on what was happening in places like Elmira, NY, this book is an absolute revelation.


Minor League Mom is more than just a series of diatribes against the Sox’ minor league (mis)management. It’s the story of two young men working to reach the big leagues, suffering ups and downs both on and off the field, never quite knowing what tomorrow holds. At the same time, they’re struggling with the suspicion that it’s not going to happen for them, and that life is passing them by as they sweat out another double session on a back field in Florida. It’s also the story of two devoted parents working through the self-same ambitions and suspicions.


Minor League Mom is not for the casual fan, but if scouts are showing up at your son’s high school baseball games, get a copy and read it right now. A lot has changed in the last ten to fifteen years, but baseball is still baseball....






From reader Dani Kannapell, May 2009


Minor League Mom turns out to be much more than a mother's saga about not one son, but two, playing minor league baseball simultaneously......chasing the dream of every T-ball star to the ultimate.  What happens during the course of the story is that it becomes somewhat of a mystery.  There were many times I didn't want to put the book down because I couldn't wait to see what happened next. Often, I found myself with a smile on my face or a tear on my cheek and always wondering how anyone connected with the minor league "system" survives it. A great read but it helps if you love baseball!